On 20th June 2015 WeStore closed down.

WeStore was built by a small yet passionate team, founded on the belief that self-storage should be simple. Although our customer base and demand for the service was growing steadily, we were not generating enough revenue to invest in the team or to continue developing the business without additional financing. Despite our best efforts to secure new funding, new investment did not materialize.

Every business starts on a trajectory full of optimism and hope; to build a product that will challenge the norm, reshape an industry and make the world a better place. So this wasn't exactly the ending we were after, but nevertheless we're extremely proud of the product we built, the team we forged and the lessons learnt along the way.

Special thanks to our investors, advisors, partners, customers, friends and family. You stuck with us through thick and thin and allowed us to act out our dreams. Your role in this journey has made it all worth it. And what an incredible ride it has been.

Yours sincerely,
The WeStore Team